Increase data protection against ransomware with new ActiveImage Protector 2022

Nyon — Actiphy adapts its backup and instant disaster recovery solutions to latest ransomware and cyberthreats with the release of ActiveImage Protector 2022 featuring direct-to-cloud backup and in-cloud recovery, as well as monitoring backup tasks anywhere anytime.

By sending backup directly to the Cloud, and specifically to the public Cloud, companies will be able to isolate their backup chain from the rest of the network. Should a ransomware enter the network, it will not access the chain and the company would have higher chance to recover their data should there be encrypted.

This new flexibility ActiveImage Protector 2022 offers to SMBs for their backup strategy completes a set of existing features that Actiphy provides for free to its users such as the isolation of backup files (in read-only mode) as soon as their creation is complete, automated backup bootability testing and unlimited onsite, offsite and cloud backup chain replication for example. It will now also be completed by Actiphy Portal Service, a Cloud service when it is possible to monitor backup jobs. This is a perfect tool for end users and specifically for IT Resellers and Managed Service Providers as it simplifies their procedures, being able to monitor all clients at once, at any time and from anywhere.

New features

  • Direct-To-Cloud Backup: Backup systems directly to cloud storage. Supported public cloud storage services include Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure as backup destinations. In addition, Direct-To-Cloud Backup also supports SFTP servers as backup destinations.
  • In-Cloud Recovery: Any backup image can be restored directly to a virtual machine within the same cloud environment. In-Cloud Recovery offers an easy system migration of on-premises virtual or physical machines directly to cloud environments.
  • Actiphy Portal Service (APS): A powerful new web monitoring portal, accessible from anywhere 24/7, designed for Managed Service Providers (MSP), distributors and resellers, to monitor ActiveImage Protector (AIP) clients, collecting backup logs and generating reports of AIP clients’ task status.
  • Supports Windows Server 2022: Fully supports the latest server version of Microsoft and associated hypervisor.
  • LTO Tape Support: Support for LTO as a backup destination. Backup data saved on tape can be physically isolated from ransomware attacks and ensures long-term archival stability.
  • File Backup: A new file backup option providing granular point-in-time backup and restore of specific files and folders.
  • RescueBoot: Adds an optional boot recovery environment to the system boot menu.
  • Disk-To-Disk Copy: A new disk-to-disk copy option that supports virtual disks, physical disks, and volumes, for a complete sector by sector copy.
  • Offline Environment Activation Support: With Actiphy Authentication Service (AAS) or a license file, ActiveImage Protector agents can be activated in an off-line environment.
  • Image Target Server: Utilize iSCSI targets and NFS exports to emulate backup images as virtual disk files for flexible and immediate recovery or migration.
  • Additional Linux Distributions Support: ActiveImage Protector Linux edition now supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS, Debian 9/10/11, RedHat 8.4, Rocky Linux 8, Alma Linux 8 and Amazon Linux 2.

ActiveImage Protector backup and Instant Disaster Recovery solutions

ActiveImage Protector 2022 is the latest version of Actiphy agentless and agent-based backup solution, that protects physical and virtual, Windows and Linux environments. The AIP solution includes all the tools necessary for enterprise level deployment and management of backup, recovery, standby switch-over, and migration.

Why Backup strategies should be reviewed because of new generation ransomware

Spam may have reduced in volume in the last years, but the damages it causes have escalated. If network reputation technology has improved significantly, attackers are more focused on direct attacks (phishing, spear-phishing), hijacking data and requesting higher ransom.

Cyberthreats continue evolving! Actiphy Europe forecasts ransomware-as-a-service will grow in 2022 and become a real menace to SMBs who have not reviewed their backup and DR strategy and IT security strategy recently.

ActiveImage Protector 2022 takes such threats seriously and focuses not only on creating an exact-state backup of data and system configurations, but it really emphasises on keeping backup files safe against malware, including dormant ransomware, with the possibility to have flexible approach to data protection, and this, at no extra cost for its clients. This is the perfect tool for small and medium businesses with virtual or physical environments, and any size company whose data is a priority.

Test ActiveImage Protector now during 30 days for free.